Fee Policy

Application Fee

Registration Fee (Admission Seat Booking) and Programme Fee

Candidates applying before the announcement of PUC results will pay a Registration Fee equivalent to 25% of the Programme Fee after the initial interview. The student needs to go through the official interview process once the results are out. During this interview after the results, admissions can be canceled if found not eligible.

The Registration fee includes a non-refundable processing fee of Rs 5000 INR.

Once the PU results are announced at the time of admission, the FULL fees need to be paid and for those who have paid 25%, the remaining amount has to be paid. (Students need to pay the Programme fees within 7 days of provisional admission)

Non-eligible students who have registered before the PUC results will be refunded excluding the Processing fee.

Installment Provision

Installment option is available only to eligible students. The eligibility criteria will be formulated depending on the Income Certificate and other necessities. Those seeking instalment have to duly fill the form with the parent undertaking and get the approval of the Principal.

ONLY Two instalments are allowed (50% each of the Programme Fee), with the first instalment due at the time of admission and the second instalment before the first day of class commencement.

The college reserves the right to determine the eligibility for installment payments.

Scholarship and Concession Provision

For Merit Scholarship, the students should submit a separate form attaching their II PU Marks Card. We follow the criteria ONLY for the First Year.

II-PUC 75.0-79.9%

II-PUC 80.0-89.9%

II-PUC 90% & above

5% Scholarship

10% Scholarship

20% Scholarship

For the consecutive years, scholarships would be given on the following criteria:
Only the students who secured the scholarship in the previous year/years are eligible to apply for renewal.

CGPA > 7.5CGPA > 8.0CGPA > 9.0
5% Scholarship10% Scholarship20% Scholarship

Scholarship Merits are not interchangeable.

Candidates should pay the programme fee in full and for those who are eligible for scholarship, the Scholarship amount will be refunded later.

Refund Policy

Processing fee of Rs. 5000 will be deducted, and the balance refunded to the ineligible students. For cancellations up to 15 days before the commencement of classes, a processing fee of 5% of the Programme Fee or Rs. 5000 (whichever is greater) will be deducted.
For cancellations 15 days prior to the commencement of classes, 90% will be refunded.
No refund will be given from the commencement of classes.

University Examination Fee

University Examination Fee

University Examination Fee is as per BNU norms.

Professional Attire/Uniform Fee

The fee will be collected at a later date.

The fee policy is subject to periodic review and updates, as deemed necessary by the institution.